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Freshly Imported Kratom with Free Shipping

 WE WON!!!    Site will be up and running again in next few days!! 


TO ORDER at the moment email and a Google Wallet request will be sent to you.

I sincerely Pray this is not the end for kratom and I would just like to thank all the wonderful people I have met and been able to provide you this alternative. 

I am very passionate about Kratom and keeping legal alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Please help to keep this plant legal by taking a moment to endorse any petitions that may effect your local area. At Earthvine Kratom I d o my best to pass this passion along to you. All leaves offered are freshly imported from Indonesia and extensions of my personal stash. I spend a great deal of time and money sorting through what is available out there so leave that to me and enjoy! And because I am importing assures the freshest products available which means sometimes I have sold out products waiting for leaves to come off the drying tables! Other times it maybe customs as well lol..I offer heathy, rooted cuttings of Rifat and bumblebee and coming soon Red Vein Thai and Super Green Malaysian. I also have live B. caapi and Calea. Check back for other plant helpers and shoot us an email if there is something you'd like to see added. We also have an open mind to any shamanic or ethneogenic plant you may have to trade. Kratom is not FDA approved and not for human consumption. This Kratom is sold for aromatherapy, soaps, and education and spiritual uses. 

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